All about…

Hello! You are more than welcome here!


I’m Kelly!

Wife. Mother to 5 and one in Heaven. Friend.

Lover of all things chocolate. The Ocean. Nature.

Love to journal. Love to read.

Interested in living a full life of adventure, whether it’s exploring my city, my province or trying a new recipe. Most fully leaning into the adventures of faith and motherhood, which I (mostly) love on (most) days.

Interested in following the adventuresome voice of the One who knows my heart, my needs, my dreams and shows me His never ending love for myself, my family, my neighbours and the world.  He never ceases to amaze me.

It is my hope to encourage you, my fellow sisters (and brothers…because my dad is probably going to read this blog too) to be bold in following God’s voice, no matter where it leads and to walk further and further into the heart of the One whose heart beats with yours.

It is my desire that I, along with you, come to the sacred place where ALL is counted as Joy.

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